The Las Vegas Strip has its fair share of iconic hotels and resorts, perhaps none of which are more steeped in history & folklore than The Flamingo.

Part of the Vegas landscape since the mid-1940's, it was the brainchild of a Los Angeles-based nightclub owner, restaurant owner and entertainment news publisher who wanted to build one of the most luxurious hotels & casinos Las Vegas had ever seen.

But that's not what legend and pop culture would have you believe.

And, as you'll find out in this episode of Sin City Stories, sometimes the truth is WAY more Interesting than fiction.


Chapter 1:

Billy Wilkerson


Chapter 3:

Building the Flamingo


Chapter 5:

Welcome to the Flamingo


Chapter 2:

Bugsy Siegel


Chapter 4:

Enter the Mob


Chapter 6:

After Bugsy

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