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It's a little-known fact that just over 60 miles away from the glitz & glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, the United States government used to test atomic weapons.

Just as the cold war with Russia was beginning to heat up, the US Department of Energy began the testing of nuclear bombs in the Nevada desert.  The blasts lit up the sky & the mushroom clouds could be seen for miles around - including from the rooftops of the hotels in downtown Las Vegas.

Nuclear testing would continue on the site - in one form or another - right up into the early 1990's.  But how did the nuclear age find its way to Nevada?  And what effect did it have on the city of Las Vegas and its culture?


Chapter 1:

Building The Bomb


Chapter 3:

Las Vegas Goes Nuclear


Chapter 2:

The Road To Nevada


Chapter 4:

The Fallout


Bonus Content:

Footage & Videos

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