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Bonus Content: Footage & Videos

AP Newsreel following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

Footage showing "the Gadget" being prepared for the first nuclear test - Trinity - in Los Alamos (no sound)

"Inside Science" touring the Trinity test site in Los Alamos, New Mexico - now a tourist site

From the BBC Documentary, "Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb"

A second atomic bomb is dropped by the United States on the city of Nagasaki, Japan during World War 2

Before establishing a continental testing area, the US tested nuclear weapons near the Marshall Islands

Footage of "Shot Able", the first test conducted at the Nevada Test Site on January 27, 1951

Footage of "Operation Cue", used to test the survivability of a nuclear explosion in a large metropolitan area

Historic footage of atomic bomb tests in the Nevada Testing Site and the town of Mercury, NV

Live from "News Knob" at Yucca Flat, reporters were invited to witness a nuclear blast from 10 miles

Civil Defense film, "Survival Under Atomic Attack" circa 1951

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares war on Japan the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

The US tests the first atomic bomb in the deserts of New Mexico.  This is some of the only footage of the test.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, reveals what he was thinking following the Trinity test

An Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor recalls the horrors of surviving the bombing

Newsreel footage of the Japanese surrendering from World War 2 on board the battleship USS Missouri

The first Soviet atomic bomb test which prompted the US to establish a continental testing ground

Atomic Energy Commission film featuring footage shot of various nuclear tests in the Nevada desert

To test the impact of a nuclear blast in a populated zone, houses were built and filled with mannequins

How Las Vegas managed to sell atomic bomb tests in the desert as a tourist attraction

1951 Civil Defense film, "Duck and Cover" featuring Bert the Turtle

1955 Civil Defense film, "Facts About Fallout" to teach people about the dangers of nuclear fallout

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